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The market entry of your product is the result of huge investments and efforts. Allow yourself and your team to excel the average product launch : Peptalk implements your company in the strategy of a specific event or license at the right time. 

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Imagine you know today what the consumer will ask for next year. No time to waste, a lot needs to be done. But Peptalk gives you the right tools to speed up whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, FMCG or a publisher. Today you

have the choice to seduce the consumer with the right license tomorrow.


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  • What is licensing?


Licensing has become the most powerful contemporary form of marketing and brand extension. Discover the basics.


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  • Discover the licensing business


Any idea how your business can change by concentrating on licenses? Discover the story of a family owned business, their declining sales and the live saving introduction of licensing!


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  • Our target group


All acquired information will be implemented into your marketing mix. We would love to meet up with your marketeers, product, brand or promotion managers, head of buying or any decision taker in this matter. 


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  • The new way of doing business


We don't surprise anybody, but your market is changing! Simplify your business processes and cut the crap. Discover the new model driven by efficiency.


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